About UME

Hello! My name is Ume. I was born in Japan. I work as a teacher/helper at a nursery school in Japan. Also I teach English to adults.


Somehow I felt that I couldn’t fit Japanese society when I was young so I studied English very hard and went to the UK.


I used to live in the UK for nearly 3 years altogether. I lived in Cardiff, Newport, Portsmouth and London. I also travelled around the UK and Europe.


I studied a bit about filmmaking when I was in the UK. I love films and also music very much. Many of my favorite bands are British bands. That experience made me stronger as a person.


I dont’ know why you are studying Japanese but whatever the reasons, I would like to help.  I am not a qualified teacher but I studied to become a Japanese teacher and did some lessons as a volunteer.


Originally I was planning to do some online lessons but now I just write blog in Japanese and English unless there is a request for lessons.


This website is for Japanese learners just like my YouTube channel but it would be great if many others read it too.


もともと、オンラインレッスンをやる予定でしたが、今のところブログのみとなっております。 ご希望の方にはレッスンも行っておりますので、コンタクトフォームよりお問い合わせください。学校のフォロー、試験対策、英会話など、ご希望に応じてレッスンをカスタマイズしていただけます。テキストはありませんので、ご希望のもの(教科書など)あればお知らせください。