About us


We offer Japanese lessons online via Skype.

All levels are welcome!!


Any reason can be a good reason for learning new language.
What’s your reason to learn Japanese?
You are learning Japanese because you love Babymetal? Kawaii culture or traditional Japanese culture?
Or just because you need to visit/stay in Japan for your business?

Tell us about you and we will find the best way for you to learn Japanese.
Customize your lesson with your favorite topics.
Do what you love and success will follow.
We will check your level and ask about purpose of your study and goal for the future in your trial lesson.

Also Please read OUR BLOG! & check YouTube Videos!
We write articles both in English and Japanese (normal Japanese and Romaji) so that you can learn something from our Blog as well as from our Skype lessons. We have YouTube videos as well. (only for beginners)

Our payment system is pay-as-you-go so join us whenever you want.

Of course it’s online lesson so you can take your lessons wherever you are in the world.



*Those who live in Japan and wish to have a face-to-face lessons,
please take a trial lesson first. We can discuss about your future lessons.
For more details see Terms and Conditions.